We are a leading name among all the stainless steel designer sheets Authorized dealer, Supplier from India. Our designer sheets have a unique multi-arc ion titanium coating. This coating was invented for the space research, also called the “metal ceramic” coating. Its hardness is 2000 HV, 10 times higher than that of stainless steel. This has a minimum life of 90 years. Truly the most vandal resistant coating, this material comes smooth as ceramic resisting dust and stains. It is also non-reactive to chemicals. Our decorative stainless steel sheets are available in four colors – gold, rose, brown and black, this product comes with a 30 year guarantee under any climatic conditions even in exteriors, against dullness, flaking, or chipping off. Although it is truly maintenance free, an occasional wash with water and soap will keep it shining as new. Available in No.4/HL/No.8/ Etched finishes these sheets can be obtained with a coating of any of the four colors. These sheets are ideally suited for architectural claddings, Interior finishes, elevators and escalators, and signage.




  : 202,304 and 316

  : Thickness 0.80 ~ 2.00 mm

  :1220 mm * 2440 mm (max 4000 mm)

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