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What alloys does SSSS Groups supply?
Below is a comprehensive list of our alloys arranged by type. More detailed information can be found on each alloys specific page. All of our products are purchased to normal industry standards and come with material test reports (MTR) also known as material certifications.

What product forms are available?

• Coils
• Bar
• Rods
• Angle
• Flat
• Channel
• Polish Pipes
• Welded Pipes
• Seamless Pipes
• Plate
• Sheet
• Pipe
• Pipe Fittings
• Flanges
• Tube
• Weld Wire

Stainless Steel 15-7

Related Metals: AL 15-7(tm),Armco PH 15-7 Mo(tm),Armco15-7 Mo(tm)

Specifications: AAMS 5520,AMS 5657,ASTM A564 (632),ASTM A579 (632),ASTM A693 (632),ASTM A705 (632),DIN 1.4532,DIN 1.4574,MIL S-8955,UNS S15700.

Chemistry Data

Aluminum 0.75 - 1.5
Carbon 0.09 max
Chromium 14 - 16
Iron Balance
Manganese 1 max
Molybdenum 2 - 3
Nickel 6.5 - 7.75
Phosphorus 0.04 max
Silicon 1 max
Sulphur 0.03 max

General Information

Principal Design Features
This alloy is a semi-austenitic precipitation hardening stainless steel. It combines moderate corrosion resistance with high strength and hardness at operating temperatures up to 900 F.

Retaining rings, springs, diaphragms, aircraft bulkheads, welded and brazed honeycomb panels and other uses requiring high strength at elevated temperatures.

Tough and gummy, this alloy responds best to machining in the hardened conditions. Chip breakers are suggested.

Corrosion Resistance
Like many of the precipitation hardening grades, 15-7 will display rust in marine environments. It is best suited to exposure to dilute acids and alkalis, fresh water and atmosphere. For optimum performance, material must be clean and free of scale and im

Readily welded by most of the common arc and resistance methods. Preheating and post weld annealing is not required in this alloy. Avoid inert gas shielding to prevent oxidation of aluminum.

Heat Treatment
CONDITION C - Results from heavy cold working of solution treated material. CONDITION CH900- Heat Condition C material to 900 F(482 C), hold for 1 hour, air cool. CONDITION A1750- After fabrication heat solution treated material to 1750 F(955 C), hold for

Hot Working
This alloy works well in all common hot working procedures. Material should be annealed after hot working for best heat treat response.

Cold Working
Cold work is restricted only by this alloys high initial yield strength. The alloy is not favored for cold working but can be moderately formed.

1900 F (1038 C) for 1 hour, rapid cooling. Also known as " solution treating."

Density (lb / cu. in.)


Specific Gravity


Specific Heat (Btu/lb/Deg F - [32-212 Deg F])


Mechanical Data
MSO currently has no data available for this grade.

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