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Our item range incorporates a wide scope of treated steel Seamless Pipe, 316L tempered steel Seamless Pipe, 316L hardened steel Seamless Pipe, very 316L ss Seamless Pipe, 316L treated steel welded funnels, and 316L treated steel welded channels.

Seamless Pipe begins as a since quite a while ago, wound strip of steel called a skelp. The skelp is sliced to the ideal length, bringing about a level rectangular sheet. The width of that sheet’s shorter closures will turn into the pipe’s outside periphery, a worth that can be utilized to compute its possible outside measurement.


Steel Grade

SS 316L






Upto 5 mm

Min. Order Quantity

200 Kilogram

Treated steel sheet is accessible in Type 316 and Type 316L. Type 316 is a high erosion opposition combination, giving more prominent protection from pitting-type consumption. Type 316 is mainly reasonable for marine, compound, paper, material, and nourishment administration applications, for example, a treated steel backsplash. Our 316/316L tempered steel sheet is double affirmed, which forestalls consumption in the wake of welding.

316 Stainless Steel level items, for example, Stainless Steel 316 sheet, plate, or loop, with thickness not exactly about 5mm and generally under 3mm. The smoother surface completion of 316 Stainless Steel sheet perform great protection from erosion. We supply Astm A240 Grade 316l Coil, 316 Stainless Steel plate alongside every one of the 3 completions which incorporates No. 2D, No. 2B, and Bright Annealed [BA] Finish. SS 316 BA finish sheet is almost ready to be coordinated by a mirror clean. SS 316 2b finish sheet is the most widely recognized tempered steel surface completion utilized in different applications, for example, modern, compound, and nourishment handling. Furthermore, the other motivation to utilize this since SS 316 2B Plate is the most prudent completion contrasted with 316 tempered steel sheet 2d finish and SS 316 ba finish curls.

Salem Stainless Steel is the biggest 316 Stainless Steel Plate Manufacturer and exporter in India. We are exploring Stainless Steel Sheet Type 316Ti, ASTM A240 Type 316, 316L Stainless Steel Plate and 316 Stainless Steel Coil at incredible cost because of sensible worker hours in India and great wellspring of high caliber 316L Stainless Steel Perforated Sheet, best case scenario cost accessible in Mumbai, India. Our seller close to you will get in touch with you and will give full data about Diamond 316 Stainless Steel Plate. Swagat Steel is searching for more investors in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Far East Asia to sell our Polished 316Ti Stainless Steel Sheet.