Ferro Alloys(Orissa)

 CrMin(Max) p(Max)S (Max)SiC
Ferro Chrome57.64.5 0.03% 2.5-3.5%m6-8%
Ferro Manganese 75%0.2%0.05%1.5% Max6-8%
Ferro Manganese 70%0.25%0.03%1.5% Max7.5% Max
HC Silico Manganese 60%0.3%0.02%14% Min2% Max
MC Silico Manganese 65%0.15%0.02%16% Min2% Max
MC Silico Manganese 56%0.14%0.01%23% Min0.4% Max
LC Silico Manganese 56%0.14%0.01%23% Min<0.1%

Metallurgical CoKe(Orissa)

Met Coke CSR: >64% CRI 20-25% M40: 92% M10: 10% ASH : 9-13% VM<1%

Stainless Steel - Dimensions

ProductsMax Width (mm)MinMax
Hot Rolled Coil1550286.5
HRAP Coil15502.86.5
CRAP Coll10000.42
CRAP Coll15500.54
Precision Strips4350.050.5
Razor Blade Steel3400.0760.45
Hot Rolled Coil1650212.7
HRAP Coil/ 2E Coil16501.410
CRAP Coil16000.35

In Case The Product is supplied in Mill Edge, the tolerance on width may go up +50 / -0mm.

Stainless Steel -Finishes

No.1Hot rolled annealed, shot  blasted and pickledApes. tubing, chemical tark, general liabilitation
No. 2Dull Cold rolled annealed and pickiedDeep drown denalls heat exchanges whaup pipe
No.2BCold rolled annealed and pickled and skin passed; given an appropriate luster by again cold rolling.Food indiatry kitchen stands, medical equipment construction material
BABright annealed finish processed with bright heat treatment other cold rollingDecorative usage katchen electric equipment building construction
No. 3Cold rolled annealed  and pickled and polished with 100 to 20 gritOrchan building construction medical equipment
No. 4Cold rolled annealed and pickled and polished with 150 to 180 gritKichen building construction medical equipment
Scotch BriteVery fine hairline finish generated by polishing with rolls made out of scotch brite materialArchitectural purposes railway cabing alexation interiors panaling kitcher appliancas

Other Sizes / finish’s can also be supplied by mutual agrrement

Equivalent International Stainless Steel Grades

 JSL Designation / GradeUNS DesignationUSA – Canada/ AISI- ASTM -ASMEINDIA/IS Letter SymbolEuropeanChineseGERMANY/DIN DesignationJapan / JISGOST
Austenitic Cr-Ni201S20100201X10Cr17Mn6Ni4N20  X12CrMnNiN17-7-5SUS201 
 201LS20103201L 1.4371 X2CrMnNiN17-7-5  
 202S20200202X10Cr18Mn9Ni5  X12CrMnNiN18-9-5SUS202 
 204 CuS20430      
 SS 202 (4% Nickel)     
  SS 202 (1% Nickel)      
 301S30100301X10Cr17Ni71.43101Cr17Ni7X12CrNi 17-7SUS301 
 1301LNS330153301LN 1.4318 X2CrNiN18-7  
 304LS530403304L 1.4307 X2CrNi18-9SUS304L 
 304LNS30453304LN 1.4311 X2CrNiN18-10SUS304LN 
 309SS309083095 1.48331Cr23Ni13X7CrNi23-14SUS309S 
 310S31000310X20Cr25Ni20  X15CrNiSi25-20SUH31020Ch25N20S2
 310SS31008310S 1.48450Cr25Ni20X12CrNi25-21SUS310S20Ch23N18
 316S31600316X04Cr17Ni12Mo21.44010Cr17Ni12Mo2X5CrNiMo 17-12-2SUS316 
 316LNS31653316LN 1.4429 X2CrNiMoN17-11-2SUS316LN 
 317LS31703317L 1.443800Cr19Ni13M03X2CrNiMo18154SUS317L 
Martensitic410S41000410X12Cr121.40061Cr 12X12Cr13SUS410 
 415S41500 1.4313 X3CrNiMo 13-4  
 420S42000420X20Cr131.4021 X20Cr13SUS420JI 
 431S43100431 1.40571Cr17Ni2X17CrNi15-2 20Ch17N2
 409S40900409 1.4512 X2CrTi12SUH409 
 1-410SS410084105 1.40000Cr13X6Cr -13SUS403 
 1-430Ti     X3CrTi17SUS430LX 
 436LS43932436L    SUS436L 
 439S43005439  00Cr18TiX3CrTi17  
 441S43940  1.4509 X2CrTiNb18  
Ferritic + Martensitic
Duplex(Austenitic + Ferritic)
 31803S31803  1.4462 X2CrNiMoN 22-5-3SUS329J3L 
 2304S323042304 1.4362 X2CrN N 23-4